AWS Visual Design Tool

We give you a AWS Visual Design tool to design a cloud and hosting technology solution in a faster, better and cheaper manner than current methodologies and, at the same time, keeping your documents up-to-date forever, not mentioning that we will integrate our offering with your existing orchestration/provisioning system in your organization. We offer a very unique AWS Visual Design tool that will boost your production.

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Drag and Drop AWS Design Tool for Amazon Web service system designers

DCSF offers “Design-as-a-Service (De-aaS)” for AWS System Integrators, customers and solution architects, aiming to bring ease of use to AWS designer. AWS Design Tool brings  a unique and intuitive User Interface (UI) based on “Gamification” techniques. A complex solution in AWS infrastructure will be designed more effective and faster, something that AWS designers can not overlook. A drag an drop approach when designing from scratch using pre-fabricated patterns by DCSF as a starting point and then designing a solution on top of it.

DC Solution Factory

In a nutshell, we give you a design tool to design a Cloud and hosting technology solution in a faster, better and cheaper manner than current methodologies and, at the same time, keeping your documents up-to-date forever, not mentioning that we will integrate our offering with your existing orchestration/provisioning system in your organization.

Solution Assembly Line (SAL)

Solution Assembly Line (SAL) is an AWS design tool that it makes a difference for AWS Solution Architects. SAL assembles technology components to create a technology solution for your customer.
If you are interested to go through our SAL products (Enterprise-SAL(Abri) or SAL for AWS users)  please register and try it out for free.

Intelli Line

Intelli Line reports back to DC executives, managers, financial authorities, QA leads and business owners about the latest status of your respective client engagements . It is your executive dashboard.

Pattern Factory

Pattern Factory stores every designer’s experiences in a knowledge repository to accelerate the organizational learning curve, enhance solution comprehension, enable reverse engineering and allow the reuse of solutions with the intention of creating solution patterns.

The Connect

The Connect automates the solution build scripts and configurations by converting a solution blueprint to a set of platform-dependent technology components.

  • More automation in designing a solution
  • Automated blueprint generation with one click
  • Automated provisioning
  • Automated Build-kit
Key Features
  • Gamification: “Drag and Drop and Forget”
  • Executive Dashboard and “real-time reporting “
  • Full integration with the enterprise orchestration system
  • Just “one-click away” from your final solution by using design patterns
Cost Saving and Better Quality
  • Decreasing headcount
  • SLA in the design process
  • Pattern-base design approach
  • Reducing delivery times more than 50%
An Enterprise design tool
  • “Design-as-a Service” (De-aaS)
  • Software-Defined Solution (SDS)
  • Creating a complex, multi-tier enterprise design in one click
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • “Lean Manufacturing” in the entire “Solution Delivery” lifecycle
Unequalled level of productivity
  • Best engineer without tool is not as effective as it should be
  • A right tool that it brings you a Faster, Better and Cheaper product
  • Instantaneous design documentation: the design documents are always up-to-date….. Forever
Operational Values
  • Real time monitoring provisioned resources
  • Change Management through a standard process
  • Tracking all changes through SAL dashboard
  • Creating a live work stream between design environments and the running servers

Enterprise SAL

Custom catalogue for your enterprise

Enables users to define all their infrastructure managed items in SAL catalog and track them later.

Manage your projects on one canvas

We streamline all of your project environments in one place.

We build all managed assets

When we manage your infrastructure assets in SAL, there is no heavy lifting to measure and optimize them later

It really is an assembly line

Add components to your stack and watch it happen. It’s really that simple.

Context-aware application

Change the behaviour of your managed items in its context menu. You can even relate your managed items together when they are provisioned.

Design an infrastructure with the right tool

Do not underestimate tooling; the best engineer, without the right tools, is not working to their potential.

70% of the design complete

70% of a complex infrastructure design are done by us and you just customize the rest to your needs.

Multi-tiered secured design patterns

When your infrastructure processes highly sensitive data, it needs to be protected. We have ready-made patterns for you.

Drag and drop solution builder

With drag and drop, you build most of the design components in a lesser time, later store your design as a new pattern and reuse them for future projects.

Embedded enterprise gating and approval process

You can capture all important events in the entire design process such as when the design has started, when each gate has passed and the like.

Move between phases with ease

Go back to previous phases with ease and upload supporting documents to support regulatory, if needed.

Complaint with Enterprise change requests and quality assurance processes

SAL captures all moments of a project during its lifecycle and reports if required.

A super-fast design blueprint development process

We have converted the lengthy error prone design blueprint development process to a“one-click” activity.

Pattern Factory

With our AWS Visual Design Tool we aimed is to develop a repository of design elements for Cloud Computing architects and designers and to keep them publicly available for all. This repository will include vendor-neutral and vendor-specific technology components  with the objective of understanding the answer to the problem.  Cloud computing architects may want to use them as-is or adjust them as per their needs before employing them into their respective solution.

General Solution Architect Patterns &  AWS Architect Patterns

About us


D.C. Solution Factory is established to provide emerging IT Services in Data Center industry. It moves successfully in this path by taking advantage of a group of specialized and talented fellows who creates the potential core of the company. DC Solution Factory main focus is on the services such as Datacenter Design Services, SAN Storage, Server Technology and Networking in Cloud Computing. We are not just another one. DCSF has developed a powerful software engine for the first time in the world to design technology solutions in a faster, better and cheaper manner. D.C. Solution Factory is an emerging company that has already developed a reputation for providing IT Services within the Data Center industry.   Read our philosophy

We offer Design as a Service

D.C. Solution Factory (DCSF) Inc. has pioneered and offers its Software as a Service (SaaS) to its clients to develop solution blueprints for deploying technology components (servers, storage, networking, security, etc…) within facilities managed via either Enterprise Data Centers or Public Cloud Providers. We, at DCFS, offer a unique world wide service known as Design as a Service… a new school of thought.
We are in the business of creating the right tools for Cloud solution architects and solution designers. Having possession of the right set of tools will save you substantial time and increase your revenues. Not only that, we have the ability to integrate our AWS visual design tool with the rest of your predefined processes within your organization. Enough reasons to give us a call for a free consultation and application demo?


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