SAL – AWS Design Tool

“Solution Assembly Line” or SAL is an AWS design tool that is used primarily by Solution Architects to design, build and implement solutions in the AWS Infrastructure. SAL is designed based on the principles of lean manufacturing.

Primary objectives of SAL

Avoid any process or step that does not create value for organizations.
Avoid unnecessary documentation and misunderstanding in requirements gathering.
Provide agile provisioning and integration with orchestration layer in enterprise or cloud computing vendors.

It is almost widely understood that Excel, Word, and Visio are publishing and diagraming tools and not infrastructure design tools.  In the absence of design tools, publishing tools like Visio are used for designing. This results in unnecessary words, lengthy processes, lower quality, and unwanted manual intervention due to the lack of the right tools.  SAL (AWS Design Tool) has now filled this gap for Infrastructure and Cloud architects and designers

Now with SAL, a repeatable design model can be “patternized”.   Our AWD design tool internalizes “Design Patterns” in the form of compound managed objects resulting in provisioning of those solutions being just one click-away. A SAL deployment with increased Pre-Fabricated Design patterns results in faster and cheaper designs significantly minimizing time to market.

AWS Design Tool for Amazon Web service system designers and architects

SAL pushes Cloud offerings even further.  It integrates with AWS while augmenting design processes for their components. In the future, SAL will have embedded infrastructure calculators such as calculating number of spindles and bandwidth requirements that help architects and designers.

An AWS design tool is a game-changer in infrastructure design tooling. It instruments JAD sessions between infrastructure and application architects, working collaboratively together to assemble the technology components resulting in better designs and creating a new paradigm shift in communications between IT departments and service providers with their clients.

All you need is a web browser. Nowadays, with touch screens, it is even easier to use an AWS design tool; use your fingers to drag and drop and design a complex infrastructure collaboratively.

SAL engages the Solution Architect in an unrivalled UI experience.  It counts the number of clicks and key-strokes to make sure you do more with minimum effort. By enforcing structure to the design process, all architects will use an identical tool and interface which leads to offering consistent quality in design, build, and operation.  Better design always translates to less operating costs and increased savings. A series of “unified designs” with equivalent SLAs is the first benefit of using this tool

SAL internalizes and automates the design blueprint development thought process into logical step- by- step tasks allowing architects and designers to use their valuable time effectively and efficiently.

In the longer term, an AWS visual design tool like SAL reduces costs, improves quality and shortens delivery time.

AWS Design Tool - Amazon Web Services

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