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Web Application Hosting

This pattern is a realization of the AWS published pattern called Web Application Hosting

This AWS pattern it is used for “web hosting highly available and scalable applications with complex architecture. Dense peak periods and wild swings in traffic patterns result in low utilization of expensive hardware. AWS provides the reliable, scalable, secure and high performance infrastructure required for web applications while enabling an elastic scale out and scale down infrastructure to match IT costs in real time as customer traffic fluctuates”.


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Bastion Host Pattern

Description: If your Amazon EC2 instances are located inside the private subnet, you will not be able to connect to them directly. To connect to your instances, you need to create and connect to a bastion host in your public subnet.


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VPC With Private Subnet

Description: This pattern depicts a scenario that customer does not want to migrate DB workload to the Public Cloud but Web and Application servers have been migrated to AWS. In this scenario Web and Application servers in AWS have private IPs. Web servers are behind ELB and they are managed by a server that we called it here Management Server . The management server will play like a jumping server to login to the Web server from Internet (By Web Admins). We assumed your Web admin have static IP address ( we set that as You should change that based on your Admin IP address). On the other hand, application server’s admin will not use Jumping server/management server to administer the application server. In return, they connect to application servers from Enterprise network. We assumed that network is . You should change that IP according to your requirement. In this pattern, the Logic Tier has a route to VPG and it will be connecting to a fake DB server in the enterprise premises with the IP address of . Again you should change it based on your DB server IP address. You have to change the CGW IP address to your public IP address (i.e. replacing1.2.3.4 )

VPC With Private Subnet

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NAT Pattern

Description: Instances that you launch into a private subnet in a virtual private cloud (VPC) can’t communicate with the Internet. You can optionally use a network address translation (NAT) instance in a public subnet in your VPC to enable instances in the private subnet to initiate outbound traffic to the Internet, but prevent the instances from receiving inbound traffic initiated by someone on the Internet.


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3-Tier Architecture Pattern

Description: This pattern shows a 3-Tier architecture with two front-end highly available load balanced web servers that they are connected in turn to an ELB endpoint designated to serve the application tier. The application servers are HA-ed again by ELB and they are connected to a Multi-Zone RDS ednpoint.

3 Tier Arch

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RDS Master Read Replica Pattern

DescriptionThis pattern is used when you want to create a Read Replica of your RDS master server. We have suggested one Replica in the same AZ in which the master server is located on. If cost is not a constraint, you can add another Replica in another AZ for better resiliency. You would connect application server to Read Replicas to offload read queries from main RDS server.

RDS Master Read Replica

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RDS Master Standby Pattern

 DescriptionThis pattern is used when you want to have a highly available RDS in the backend of your infrastructure. You connect the frontend application server (or web server) to the endpoint of your RDS infrastructure.


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