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It’s widely understood that MS Excel, MS Word, and Visio are publishing and diagramming tools and not infrastructure design tools. Given the lack of available designing tools, publishing tools have been used in the past for the purpose of infrastructure design.


SAL breaks down and automates the architecture design development process into logical step- by-step tasks resulting in more efficient use of both architects and designers time. Looking ahead, SAL decreases head-counts and costs while improving quality and reducing delivery times.


Where the idea came from?

It’s said that a picture is worth a 1000 words! We engage our users differently with SAL’s unrivalled UI. We focus on reducing the number of clicks and key-strokes to make sure our clients can function more efficiently with less effort. We believe in “Gamification” process and principles to streamline and accelerate the resolution of complex problems.



Structured Design Process means Unified SLA

By enforcing a disciplined and structured design process, all architects will use the same tool and interface which it leads to offering same quality in design, build and operation. Better design always translates to less operational cost moving forward. A series of “unified designs” with equivalent SLAs is the first hanging fruit of using this tool.


How does it help?

SAL pushes Cloud Computing one step further. With an intuitive UI a new shift in communication is enabled via SAL. Through SAL, service providers will experience a paradigm shift in communication with their clients. SAL is a game changer in infrastructure design tooling.


What do you need?

All you simply need is a web browser. Now a days, with MS Windows support of touch screens, it is even easier to use SAL; just a finger touch to drag, drop and design a complex infrastructure collaboratively – much like playing a game!


Pattern-Based design 

Now with SAL, a repeatable design pattern can be “reused” with only one click. SAL internalizes “Design Patterns” in the form of compound managed objects with results just one click-away. A SAL deployment with more and more pre-fabricated design patterns, results in faster, cheaper and re- useable designs with the objective of minimizing “time to market”. That is what enterprises are seeking and SAL can make this easily happen.


Pushing Cloud Computing one step forward 

SAL integrates with public and private Cloud Computing APIs to augments the design process. SAL is a multi-vendor Cloud Computing design tool in addition to an Enterprise design tool.


Built-in gating process 

SAL has built-in enterprise level understanding by developing solutions in stages. Although SAL advocates a three step design blueprint development process, it’s also capable to skip them at your discretion. We believe in maintaining a level of quality while improving service delivery.




We provide just-in-time (JIT) reports for the architects, operational executives, and managers. SAL provides data mining and trend analysis for you to procure on time or to allocate fiscal budgets according to real time delivery status with the option of providing input towards solutioning trends in the pipeline.

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